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10 incredible Neon Play facts

To celebrate our first 10 million downloads, here is a list of ten things about Neon Play to do with the number 10. If that makes sense? And not a mention of Downlng Street anywhere (even though we did actually try and get a photo of ourselves in front of No. 10.)

10 million downloads

We’ve had a whopping 10 million downloads since we started last year. 5.4 million of those downloads have been since 1 January 2011.

10 billionth app

We were fortunate enough to have our Paper Glider game as the 10 billionth download from the App Store. Jammy so-and-so’s.

10 Neon Players

Neon Play currently has 10 members of staff. And 4 beanbags. This doesn’t include our lovely PR and finance people who help oil the wheels.

10 months in business

OK it’s nine months actually, so it’s close. Neon Play was born in June 2010 and we are growing so quickly, your nan couldn’t keep up.

10 great apps

Our list of great apps include these ten...Flick Football, Golf Putt Pro, Traffic Panic, Hotshot Pool, Paper Glider, Talking Baby, iSkid, Armstrong & Miller, Little Book of Neon and Fat Santa.

10 reasons to join Neon Play

There might be more reasons, but our posh bog roll guarantee, free beer on Fridays and getting your birthday off all make it a fab place to work. Here's the full list.

'10 - the year we launched

2010 was a good year. Prince William and Kate Middleton got engaged, Robbie rejoined Take That and Neon Play was born.

Top 10 apps you should own

Flick Football and Hotshot Pool have been in the top 10 ‘must have’ or ‘most addictive’ games list.

10 free drinks

Every Friday we enjoy a free beverage of our choice at the local public house. Question is, do we hit The Crown or the Old Man’s Pub and get stared at?

“10”, our favourite Bo Derick film

OK, we’re struggling for a tenth 10 reason, so this film classic with Dudley Moore and Bo Derick seems to finish things nicely.

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