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You'll love working for Neon Play!

Buy us a pressie

1. Buy us a pressie

Well for starters, when you join, every employee will be given £100 to buy the company a joining present. Yup £100 hard cash to get anything that you think will help make Neon Play a better, more enjoyable, more groovy, funner place to work. It might be a funky picture, board games, toys, LEGO, a beautiful book, a game, a retro poster or maybe some Play Doh (ooo, the smell).

Happy birthday to you

2. Company bonus

You'll earn a discretionary bonus at the end of each year, based on the performance of the group, to make your Christmas go with an extra bang!

Beer Friday

3. Beer Friday

Every Friday, we want to go to a local pub and have a pint and a chinwag about life, work, new ideas and the universe (or X Factor). The drinks are on us, whatever your tipple (unless it’s Bollinger and then we might need to have a quiet chat).


4. Charity

We’re working with the wonderful Paternoster School who are down the road and give 1% of our profits to this charity, which will hopefully make a big difference. On top of that, for one day a year, we’re going to encourage each Neon Play employee to volunteer to help that charity. Giving something back will give us all a warm, fuzzy feeling and make us grateful for what we’ve got.

Come on Eng-er-land!

5. Come on Eng-er-land!

If it’s the World Cup or there’s a big match on during the day and England are playing a game, we’ll go to the pub to cheer on the boys. If you’re Welsh, Irish, Scottish or (somewhere-else-ish), and you want England to lose, you can stay and work double hard.

Posh bog roll

6. Posh bog roll

We’ll give you a Neon Play guarantee that we’ll only supply the finest loo roll in our office. Maybe not that quilted stuff as that’s a bit over the top, but nice, soft stuff with Labrador puppies running around.

Let’s play darts

7. Pension & Rewards

As an Hachette UK company, Neon Play employees can access a wide range of benefits: from discounts at top high street and online retailers to our excellent company pension scheme, life insurance and private healthcare.

Drive me crazy

8. Drive me crazy

We want to encourage people to drive and get around the Cotswolds to visit local pubs and experience the huge variety of cool things going on. So we pay for the first two driving lessons. Beep beep.

Nice office

9. Nice office

As we all spend rather a lot of time at work, surely it’s important to have a place where you’ll look forward to coming to. So we’ve got a pool table, darts board, X-Box, bean bags galore, remote control helicopter and fun bits and bobs. We want you to be inspired and we want to tell your Mum how cool a place you work in. Even if she thinks you work “in computers”.

Everyone is special

10. Everyone is special

We believe everyone has ideas, whether you’re the top dog or a new kid on the block. So we encourage ideas from everyone and we’ll listen. And as we only employ nice people, who aren’t boring or have massive egos, we can all sit down and have a good natter and agree which is the best idea.

I love working at Neon Play because…

It's easy for us to say it's great to work at Neon Play (it is!), so here are a bunch of anonymous quotes from Neon Players.

We love working at Neon Play because…


“Oli and Mark make the whole team feel valued. They give credit to the whole team and recognise the part each employee plays in the success of the company.”


“I know how much Oli and Mark help out charities, the local community and other businesses (and give us the opportunity to do the same).”


“Our team is friendly, a good laugh and our office is beautiful and full of fun stuff to do.”


“Oli and Mark do a great job of arranging team building and bonding exercises - from a free drink every Friday at the local pub, trips to the swimming pool, paintballing, pool and table tennis tournaments.”


“We get to meet all sorts of interesting and different people who come into the office to visit us.”


“Everyone gets a say and making a game is a true team effort from start to finish at every level.”


“There is a relaxed but honest, hard-working atmosphere to the office.”


“The team I work with I count as friends and it’s always fun to work with such creative, innovative and entertaining people.”


“It's a supportive environment staffed by clever and fun people who really enjoy what they're doing.”


“Because every job at Neon Play is the beginning or the continuation of a career, not just a job.”


“Because the bosses support and help develop staff skills to make their work and personal lives better.”


“Neon Play changed my life, this guys gave me opportunity of the lifetime to turn my hobby into full time job. They have a unique skill to find and develop talent and they put their trust in you.”


“All in all, this is the best place I've ever worked and I can't imagine a better environment to be the best I can be at my job.”

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