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You can't buy experience (or can you?)

There's a reason we all get grey hairs - and that is experience...or is it children? Anyway, Oli and Mark have got a fair amount of experience under their brown leather belts and you'll see some of it below...

Oli’s viral games

Oli loves games and he has worked with over 300 of the world’s biggest brands since he started back in the day. And having helped create over 200 viral games (with over 25 industry awards), he hopefully knows what makes a good game. Here are some of his favourites games from previous companies.

Jelly JumperViva VolleyKing Kong JumpDraw-itPaper tossDiary DefenderTest Catch CricketLumix World GolfHeliPopter

Mark’s big games

Mark has been building games since he was a young lad. And while at Acclaim in Cheltenham and Midway in the USA, he’s been involved at a scarily senior level in making games for PlayStation, XBox, Wii, Nintendo DS, etc. Impressed? We were. And here are some of his biggest hits.

TNA ImpactCrazy TaxiHappy FeetEd, Edd n EddyDakar 2Spy Hunter

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