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We're proud to be an Hachette UK company

Our studio

What we do

We are incredibly lucky to have our studio in the stunning Old Museum. With big arched windows and a high vaulted ceiling in an open-plan office, it's game on.

10 reasons to join us

10 reasons to work with us

How many offices give you a posh bog roll guarantee? How many companies give some of their profits to charity? We’re different, so read on...

Where we are

Where we are

Neon Play is based the beautiful and very cool market town of Cirencester, slap bang in the middle of the Cotswolds. The perfect place for a work-life balance.

Award winners

Award winners

Even though we're only young, we've won over 15 business awards, including the highly prestigious Queen's Award for Innovation - we even met the Queen!

Culture & ethos

Culture & ethos

We passionately believe that people should love coming to work. So we want to produce hugely successful apps, but have a laugh along the way.

Head honchos

Neon Play Head honchos

Neon Play was started by Oli Christie and Mark Allen in 2010. They bring a wealth of experience from both games studios, and digital marketing & advertising.

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