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We've been very fortunate to win quite a few awards in the last year and we're up for three gongs at the Glos Biz Awards next month.

But imagine our surprise when Starbucks nominated us to be their "Business of the Week"! We are not totally sure what we've done to deserve this, but it could be because our CTO Mark goes there every morning for his caffeine fix. Or maybe we're just fab?

Starbucks Business of the Week - Neon Play 

"What do we get for this great honour", we hear you ask? Well every lucky Neon Play employee has a special diamond-encrusted, gold VIP card that gets them a free muffin on Monday (if you buy a hot drink), 25% off whole beans on Wednesday and a 1/2 price frappuccino on Friday. Yes, it's true! (apart from the card bit, it's just a piece of card).

So muffins all round and it's Frappucinno Friday!

Thank you Starbucks. Next step: becoming their App of the Week...?


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