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Best lunch ever!

The best lunch ever!

Everybody needs good neighbours

We're very lucky at Neon Play to work right in the middle of the stunning market town of Cirencester in the imperiously beautiful Cotswolds. And our studio is owned by the Bathurst Estate and our landlords are Lord and Lady Bathurst and our studio literally backs onto their garden.

Neon Play team

You've been invited...

And for our 2nd birthday party, we invited the Bathursts along and they kindly came and enjoyed our little tea party - who wouldn't (!) and they said that they would reciprocate the hospitality some time. Now some people say that and other people actually do it and with a week of uncharacteristically sunny UK weather, a date was put in the diary for the Neon Play dream team to come on over.

Lord and Lady Bathurst with Oli Chirstie

Before you could you could say "yes please", we were walking out of our back door, across their stunning garden, avoiding a couple of sculptures and canons along the way and into the stunning pool enclosure.

Have a look at some nice piccies...

Here are three of the lads wondering what to do with the canon. Fire it?

Neon Play lunch at the Bathursts

Look at the stunning pool where we had our lunch. It's like being in Tuscany, but in Gloucestershire.

Neon Play lunch at the Bathursts

Lord and Lady Bathurst with a couple of the team. (Lord Bathurst is not the one in the red T-shirt in case you were wondering).

Neon Play lunch at the Bathursts

Is that a good spread or what?!

Neon Play lunch at the Bathursts

The team tuck in with hearty abandon...

Neon Play lunch at the Bathursts

Oli relaxes as a servant offers some tasty morsels. OK not really, it's Jon in a funny T-shirt, but it makes a good pic.

Neon Play lunch at the Bathursts

It's time to leap into the crystal blue pool.

Neon Play lunch at the Bathursts

And then, Lady Bathurst brought us ice creams in the pool. Yes really! (Guess which team member has been to the gym recently...?!)

Neon Play lunch at the Bathursts

We're used to playing frisbee in the park, avoiding babies, snogging couples and dog poo. This is much better!

Neon Play lunch at the Bathursts

Frisbee action. Catch!

Neon Play lunch at the Bathursts

What a stunning scene. Have a peep at the vid below.

So all in all, with not a cloud in the sky, we think it's fair to say that this was the best lunch break we've ever had at Neon Play and we've had some good ones. It's one of the 10 reasons to work at Neon Play.

Rent a quote

Oli Christie, CEO of Neon Play, fresh from a dip in the pool commented, "We can't thank Lord and Lady Bathurst enough for inviting the whole Neon Play team over. We were completely spoilt rotten and we loved the lunch, the pool, the beautiful gardens and just chilling out for a couple of hours. It was hugely spoiling and a real treat for us all. We're not quite sure how we can repay them, but maybe a game of darts and a go on the X-Box might do the trick...?"


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