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Flick Football no. 5 in USA

No. 5 in the USA!

The USA v England game ended in a 1-1 draw and poor old Robert Green will have that fumble on his mind for the rest of his life. Silly billy.

Chart success

And at Neon Towers HQ, we've got the excitement of Flick Football keeping us up at night. So far, so good and we seem to be rising up the charts around the world, and especially in the US of A.

Top 5

Even though they call it "Soccer" and not "Football", we still love our American cousins and they seem to be going a bit crazy for Flick Football. The game has got to number 5 in the US Sports Games chart.

Flick Football number 5 in US Sports Games

Apple features Flick Football

Plus Apple are featuring the game in the US on their Soccer section of iTunes as one of the games. So thank you Apple for that - we owe you one.

iTunes soccer section

Game updates

And we can also let you know a bit more about our game updates.

Flick Football Lite

We want as many people as possible to sample the delights of Flick Football, so we're being highly generous and giving away a free version with a Target Practice game mode. No lives, no scoring, no leaderboards - just pure unadulterated fun and hypnotic practice. If they love the target practice, they'll love the big game (we hope).

Flick Football 1.1

Our first update (coming this week) features two new game modes. First of all, Target Practice, as previously discussed. But most excitingly, The Big Game, which is non-stop addictive fun. You get three lives to last as long as you can. You have a x10 multiplier, plus more bonus icons to hit to increase your score. It's a lot of fun we promise.

It works on an iPad as well…

Yes, the new version is iPad compatible too, so if you spend your $0.99 or 59p, then it will work beautifully on the iPad. You get great control on the iPad too, so it's a slightly different experience and much bigger. Enjoy.

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