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Flick Football is no.1

Flick Football is no. 1

Flick Football makes it to number Uruguay!

The ups and downs of watching Flick Football continues. We've been riding high in the UK chart, at number 5 in the Sports Games chart.

Flick Football number 5 in UK Games Sports

Neon Play's first number one

Plus, we had our first global number one with our favourite country - Uruguay! Yes, most people probably don't know where Uruguay is, but it's next to Argentina. In fact, Oli had one of the worst nights of his life on a beach there in 1990 sleeping out in the open being eaten by ants. So must be some sort of sweet revenge/thank you.

We went straight in at number one (a bit like Peter Andre with his pop smash hit Mysterious Girl?) in Uruguay and we're chuffed to bits.

Flick Football number one in Uruguay

USA vs England

Plus Flick Football is doing well in the USA as well, which is the big market to crack. We're not sure if they know what Football is, because they call it "soccer". But if they beat England tomorrow, that should help things - not that we want England to lose of course.

New Flick Football update

Also, we have a new game update in submission with Apple now as well, plus some other Flick Football news as well, which we'll let you know once they're launched.

Flick Football banners on Miniclip

More games coming soon

So all very exciting and may the excitement continue. We're currently developing some new iPhone and iPad games and will let you know more when we've got more to share…

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