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Armstrong & Miller

Armstrong & Miller

Comedy in store

It’s always fun to work with comedy legends and you don’t get much bigger these days than BBC1 comedy duo Armstrong & Miller, who currently have a BBC1 show going out on Saturday nights. On top of that, they have a mammoth and truly brilliant 350 page book out, which is flying off the shelves. Plus they’re in the middle of a huge UK tour, playing to rib-tickled audiences up and down the country.

Armstrong & Miller

Armstrong & Miller

So when publishing giants Hachette asked Neon Play to create an iPhone app from Mssrs Armstrong and Miller, who were we to say “no”.

The app itself is a healthy melee of all things Armstrong and Miller. All the content is totally exclusive to the app itself and we worked closely with them both to create the best app we can. And the end result isn’t too sloppy.

Armstrong & Miller

It has a chunky range of all their main characters with audio recordings for all of them. Plus we have an exclusive song recorded just for the app from the filthy musings of Brabbins & Fyffe.

Isn't it? Isn't it?

The RAF Pilots are the stars of the app though with a hilarious soundboard chokka-block with a bunch of sounds from the pilots (all exclusively recorded - no cutting and pasting from the TV show).

And there is a blindingly good RAF Pilots parachute game where you have to try and land the pilots on the target as they jump out of the smoking Spitfire. With over 100 soundclips recorded for the game, it’s a rib-tickling experience from start to game over.

Armstrong & Miller

Apple Store here we come...

Xander and Ben (as their friends call them) have also been asked to speak about their app at the Apple Store in Regent Street on 14 December and I believe there are 250 tickets up for grabs (if they’re not already snapped up). Neon Play will be there as well to answer any questions about the app and how we went about making it with Armstrong & Miller.

Armstrong & Miller kindly commented:

“Hi Oli, just to say how much we enjoyed working with you and how ruddy delighted we are with the finished app. The pilots game in particular is a stroke of genius and has been a socking hit with our fans. We shall now be heartily recommending you to all our friends... or maybe keeping quiet so we keep you to ourselves, we're not sure...Yours Ben and Xander”

Oli Christie, managing director of Neon Play added, “It was great fun working so closely with Ben and Xander on their app and we’re very proud of the end result. With so much exclusive content, this app really stands out from the crowd and it’s great to see such high ratings for the app.”

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