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We're proud to be an Hachette UK company

Lucky us

We are incredibly lucky to have the best office space in Cirencester and quite possibly the whole county. 

Neon Play studio The Old Museum in Cirencester

Here are the team relaxing outside. As they do when it's sunny.

Neon Play team outside Old Museum in Cirencester

It’s architecturally beautiful, while also providing an interesting, open plan space where we have room to work, play, chat and have a very large moose head - all things you need at work.

Neon Play studio in Cirencester

The Old Museum

It’s called the Old Museum and it did indeed used to be an old museum. Clever that. Lord Bathurst built the building (with some help we guess) in 1860 to house a couple of big Roman mosaics that were dug up in the town. Luckily the mosaics are now replaced by more useful things like iMacs and plasma TVs (not that we don’t love a good mosaic).

Neon Play -  the Old Museum

It’s not all work work work

As per many creative companies, we like to have a bunch of toys to play with. And we do actually have real toys like remote controlled helicopters, Connect 4 and two big boxes of Lego. Plus we have a pool table, ping pong table, darts board and an arcade machine.

Neon Play -  the Old Museum

Everybody needs good neighbours

Some people have neighbours from hell, but our neighbours are the very lovely Lord and Lady Bathurst - our back door goes into their garden. And we’ve been lucky enough to be invited to have a pool party at their house.

Pool party at Lord and Lady Bathurst

Big ugly moose

It’s fair to say that not everyone likes a big ugly moose, but we love them. So much so that we have the head of one in our lobby. She looks down on us with pride.

Neon Play studio in Cirencester

We like a game of the old darts...

Darts at Neon Play

What will you buy?

If you join Neon Play, you get £100 to buy us a pressie, to help put your stamp on the company. In the past new starters have clubbed together to get us a coffee machine, a shop mannequin, Lego, ping pong table and other bits and bobs.

Neon Play studio in Cirencester

Working hours

We believe in a work/life balance as we’re not just put on this planet to work - we are allowed a life and we really want all our team to enjoy life experiences and make the most of their time on this earth. So we have 9am-6pm working hours with an hour off for lunch. We also offer flexible working hours if you need to pick the kids up from school... It seems to work well and we’re unlike most games studios in that respect.

Neon Play studio in Cirencester

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