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Thank you Your Majesty!

Queen's Award winner

By royal app-ointment...

It seems amazing that we haven't yet celebrated our third birthday (but we will soon and you might be invited). And we've had an amazing three years of highs and lows (but mostly highs) with some amazing games, big downloads (50 million odd), great parties, awesome employees and a shelf full of glass awards where you can't read the writing unless you put black card behind.

And we've just won the biggest and best award, which probably won't be topped, unless we win a BAFTA or an Oscar or something. Yes, we've won the most prestigious business award there is to win - a Queen's Award for Enterprise - in the Innovation category in case you wondered.

Queen's Award

Lovely letter...

Here is a sneak peep at the letter we received...

Queen's Award for Neon Play

First mobile games winner

It's one hell of an honour and we can't really believe we've won it. There are only 150 or so handed out each year, mostly to big and famous companies, but also to little gems like Neon Play. We believe we're the first mobile games company to win this award and if we're not, please tell us and we'll stop banging on about it.

The Queen's Awards for Enterprise recognises outstanding achievement by UK businesses in the categories of Innovation, International Trade and Sustainable Development. We hope we'll be invited to meet The Queen (yes, we repeat - meet The Queen) at Buckingham Palace. Something like this...

Queen's Award

And then they have a big party for all the winners. We promise we won't steal an ashtray or anything.

Queen's Award

The formal bit

Awarded annually on 21st April, to coincide with Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday, candidates are judged to a demanding standard and must demonstrate the highest levels of excellence in each category. The award will be formally conferred by a grant of appointment, which will be presented to Neon Play by Dame Janet Trotter, the Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire later in the year.

Dame Janet Trotter

Rent a quote:

Oli Christie, CEO of Neon Play commented, “We have been lucky enough to win 12 business awards in the last year or so, but this crowns the lot and is the cherry on top of the icing on the cake. We are hugely honoured to win a Queen’s Award for Innovation. For such a young company in Cirencester to win this genuinely prestigious award is a huge moment in Neon Play’s short history. We can’t wait to greet Dame Janet Trotter to our Cirencester studios and to going to Buckingham Palace.”

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