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Calling all iPhone devs

Little Book of Neon Play

Little Book of Neon Play

When you make apps, it’s seems only right and fair that you actually make your own app. So we have.

Our first Neon Play app for Neon Play

Little Book of Neon Play

And our smalloffering to the world (and it is small, but almost perfectly formed) is The Little Book of Neon Play. What is it? Well, it’s two things really.

iPhone devs - it’s for you-hoo

First, it’s a useful little app for iPhone developers because it’s got three tools that every developer will find useful, wherever they are in the world.

Little Book of Neon Play

Little Book of Neon Play

All you need to know about Neon Play

And secondly, it’s got a bit of background on Neon Play. Everything from how we started, to what our culture is. There’s a picture gallery there, plus a list of all the apps we’ve launched to date.

 Little Book of Neon Play  Little Book of Neon Play

Apple bites

So we hope people like it. Apple seem to be fans as they featured it as their numero uno “New & Noteworthy” Book app. High praise indeed.

Little Book of Neon Play

Downloads going down well

And it’s not doing too badly on the download side really. We thought we’d be lucky to get 10 downloads. Ever. But it’s actually gone up to number 75 in the Free Book chart. Hardly Angry Birds territory we know, but still, it’s good that people are finding it (at all) and finding it useful. Huzzah for you, Little Book.

Rent a quote

Oli Christie, ever-ready for a made-up quote on the spot chirped, “We use the Little Book of Neon Play to check if our suggested app names fit under the icon. And there are several other uses for it as well. We hope developers find it useful and that it can help spread the word about the small, but mighty(ish) Neon Play.”

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