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In the beginning...

The idea for Neon Play came from our CEO Oli Christie. Oli had an averagely successful career as a copywriter and creative director in digital advertising and marketing agencies, working for 300 of the biggest brands in the world.

Here he is looking like he's sitting on a big loo.

Oli Christie of Neon Play

And Oli specialised in Flash viral games and with 200 games under his belt gaining 100s of millions of downloads, he knew a thing or two about making casual games (so he says).

Help, I need somebody!

And once Oli had come up with a company name, logo, website and a book of game ideas, he needed someone to help make the magic come to life...

On the Mark

And Oli was lucky enough to find his founding partner Mark Allen in a job ad online. It was like online dating, but without the romance. 

Here's Mark showing his best karate move...

Mark Allen of Neon Play

Mark was a games industry veteran (without the baggage and cynicism) who had a bulging CV of top games from Midway and Acclaim like Crazy Taxi and TNA Wrestling. And he’s a clever chap and the technical brains behind Neon Play’s games.

Fair’s fair

Oli and Mark believe that every decision at Neon Play is based on the premise of being “fair and reasonable”. It seems like the best way to do business and we like to be honest, straightforward and get on top of any issues before they become “issues”. 

Here's Oli and Mark pretending they're not posing for the camera on a totally set-up shot.

Oli Christie and Mark Allen of Neon Play

Talent show

We do all we can to ensure all the talented people we hire at Neon Play are both brilliant at their job and nice people to boot. They need to tick both boxes. We’re prepared to take a punt on graduates who look like they’ve got great potential - we can unlock it.

Best place to work

Oli and Mark work really hard to make sure Neon Play is truly the best games studio to work in the UK. That’s why our studio has a buzz about it, why it’s full of fun things and toys and why people love working here.

Oli Christie and Mark Allen of Neon Play

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