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Three-sy does it

Well we’ve left the terrible two’s behind and we’re now really grown up and three years old. Yes, three years old! So it was time for our annual birthday shindig.


Here’s the invitation, which featured many of the people who we invited along.

Neon Play 3rd birthday invitation

How many downloads?!

It seems a long time ago since we launched Flick Football, but since those heady and sunny days of 2010, Neon Play has gone from strength to strength and now has had 50 million downloads in 155 countries. Which isn’t too sloppy.

Movers and shakers

So to celebrate our third birthday party, we held a bit of big bash in our lovely Cirencester studio - and we invited the great and the good of Gloucestershire along for some sweets, biscuits and fizzy pop.

Neon Play 3rd birthday party sweets

It’s gonna be...a lovely day...

It was a warm, muggy day, but the breeze flowed finely through the studio that looked in great order - a vision of colour and creativity.

Neon Play 3rd birthday party

Why go anywhere Else?

Andy and Sam from our number one, favourite Cirencester bar called Somewhere Else were stars behind the bar and kept everyone well-watered. And there were sweets and biscuits galore to keep our guests tummies from rumbling. 

Who’s who of Glos

We had a great variety of guests at the party, including BBC Radio and editors of the two local papers and Cotswold Life; stars of stage and screen including a former Bond girl and a new West End star; the High Sheriff of Gloucestershire and the Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire; the heads of Gloucestershire College and Cirencester College and people from the University of Glos; plus big hitters like Donna Renney and Edward Gillespie of Cheltenham Festivals. It was a great, diverse crowd. 

Neon Play 3rd birthday party

Cut to the chase

After an hour of networking and chit-chatting, it was time to get down to business and Oli Christie, our CEO and Mark Allen, our CTO gave a fab 30 minute presentation about all things Neon Play.

Mark Allen and Oli Christie of Neon Play

Room with a view

This is the view of our smiling guests from where Oli and Mark were standing. 

Neon Play 3rd birthday party

They talked about the talented team, the games, how we work with local universities and colleges, our work with local charities, our PR coverage and a few other bits and bobs.

A game Dame

Once the presentation was finished with a rousing round of applause, Dame Janet Trotter took to the floor and following a brief talk about the wonderfulness of Gloucestershire and its businesses, presented Oli and Mark with Neon Play’s Queen’s Award.

Here they are for the official photo call.

Neon Play Queen's Award - Mark Allen, Oli Christie and Dame Janet Trotter

Taking the Pez

When everyone was on their way out of the door, it was time for their leaving present. Not the usual plastic bag with promotional material and a branded USB stick - no, we gave everyone a Pez sweetie dispenser. Here's one that someone had put on their desk at work.

Neon Play's Pez dispenser

Piece of cake

And look at this amazing birthday cake that Mark’s wife very kindly made. Mmm mmm mmm.

Neon Play birthday cake

PS Here's a blast from the past! This was our first birthday party. Those were the days...!

AGM party

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