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Flick Football goes all iPad

Flick Football goes iPad

Flick Football goes iPad, Lite and updated

Following the launch success of Flick Football, Neon Play is delighted to announce three new chunks of exciting news.

Firstly, we now have an iPad version of Flick Football, which comes included in the download of the 59p/$0.99 Flick Football game.

Secondly, we have a free version now called Flick Football Lite, which enables players to see how addictive the game is before they update to the full paid version.

And finally, we have a new update to the original game with two new exciting, fun and addictive game modes. Read on to find out more...

Yay, we’re on iPad!

The new update to Flick Football enables players to play the game on a special iPad version, all for the same download and price. So if you have an iPhone/iPod and an iPad, for the $0.99 download, you get both versions. The layout is slightly different for the iPad, but the gameplay is just as addictive. It looks totally beautiful and lovely and all big and crisp on the shiny screen, so you’re gonna love it!

Flick Football iPad

See the Lite...version

In order to encourage those players to try the game before they buy it, Neon Play and Miniclip have launched Flick Football Lite as a free download. In this Lite version of the Flick Football, players have two game modes.

Flick Football Lite

One is the tutorial, which gives players three simple steps on how to play the game. And the other game mode is “Target Practice”, where players just keep on flicking and swiping the ball around the wall. It’s very hypnotic and extremely addictive.

Once they’re hooked on the game, there is a screen that encourages them to upgrade to the full $0.99 version of Flick Football.

New features in Flick Football

The additional game modes are Target Practice and The Big Game.

“Target Practice” is a never-ending practice game. You kick again and again from different angles and with a different amount of players in the wall. There are no lives, no scoring and no commentary (but there are crowd sounds), but it’s just a great way to learn how to curve the ball around the wall.

“The Big Game” mode is a completely addictive game where you have to keep swiping the ball around the wall of defenders - and you have three lives (ie, three chances to not score a goal). However, there are also a host of bonuses up for grabs - plus a new x10 multiplier (up from the x5 multiplier on the original version).

You can win your lives back by hitting the “life ball” icon, as well as other icons including 100 and 250 points, yellow and red cards, which give you a free hit and a penalty respectively.

Icons you can hit include:

Red ball - extra life

Gold coin - 250 points

Silver coin - 100 points

Red card - penalty kick

Yellow card - free kick with no wall

Rent a quote

Oli Christie, Managing Director of Neon Play commented, “We listened carefully to people’s feedback on the App Store and in gamer’s forums and it was clear people wanted extra game modes. So we created two compelling and addictive game modes that keep players hooked and provide many more hours of enjoyment. The iPad version is beautiful as well and we hope that Flick Football Lite will enable players to try the game before they upgrade to the full version.”


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