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Magical time of year

Christmas party time

It was time for our 2015 Christmas office party. Woo hoo!

Secret Santa was the order of the day and an impressive array of gifts were bestowed on the wonderful Neon Play team. The elves must have been very busy indeed, although one gift wasn’t probably for family viewing…

Neon Play secret santa

We then headed to our favourite Cirencester drinking hole, Somewhere Else, for a couple of pre-match drinks before the main event.

Neon Play Christmas party

We hired out the very cool private underground cellar at the Kings Head in Cirencester. First up was cocktail making and most of the team got behind the bar and were taught how to make a variety of punchy cocktails and we had flames, spillages, breakages, flair, failure and success - plus a whole gullet load of cocktails to get the night rolling.

Neon Play Christmas party cocktail making

Neon Play Christmas party cocktail making

Neon Play Christmas party cocktail making

Neon Play Christmas party cocktail making

Neon Play Christmas party cocktail making

Meanwhile, magician extraordinaire Alex Robertson, baffled and bemused the team with his close-up magic. All of his tricks really were quite amazing and the open-mouthed incredulity at how he did his tricks was a sight to behold.

Neon Play Christmas party magic man Alex Robertson

After an hour or so, the doors were opened to the main room and there was a long table, bedecked in Christmas finery for all the team to enjoy. We gorged on turkey, tatties, veg and oodles of gravy, washed down with vats of wine and ale. 

Neon Play Christmas party at Kings Head Cirencester

Work chat was off-limits and party poppers popped, balloons that made funny noises in naughty shapes whizzed around and all in all, life was good.

Neon Play christmas party balloons

Pudding was then served but we can’t really remember what that was as someone had brought a Christmas present of Sambuca for us all to enjoy.

Neon Play Christmas party sambuca time

When the eating stopped, the bar became the centre of attention and the bloodlust for cocktails was in full flow and the bar tab rose at an impressive rate.

Neon Play Christmas party

Neon Play Christmas party

One fun distraction was a remote-controlled car track that had been created on the floor and pairs of Mini cars whizzed around the room, taking corners at speed and Hamilton/Rosberg-style rivalries were enacted in a cellar in the middle of Cirencester.

Neon Play Christmas party remote controlled car racing

Later on, some elves and reindeers arrived from Cotswold TV and joined in the merriment. And they certainly were merry!

Neon Play Christmas party elves

All in all, the Kings Head were wonderful hosts and it was the perfect location for our Christmas bash. The next day might not have been the most productive day in our history, but all in a good cause…

Neon Play Christmas party elves

Bring on 2016!

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