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Live on the radio

Three years ago when Neon Play launched, BBC Radio Gloucestershire presenter Chris Baxter came along to Neon Towers in our tiny office above a shop to see what was going on. Since then, things have changed a bit and we recently won the very prestigious Queen's Award for Innovation.

And our CEO Oli Christie was invited along to the BBC studio to give a live interview. Have a listen and check out some behind-the-scenes pictures below.

What a great reception!

Quite literally. This is their reception...

BBC Radio Glos reception

Through the looking glass

After a bit of a nervous wait in reception, Oli was ushered through to a holding area where you could look through the big glass window at the show producers and all their screens and gizmos.

BBC Radio Glos at work

Queen's daughter

Oli was there to talk about the Queen's Award, so it was a bit ironic (sort of) to see that her daughter Princess Anne had already been there.

BBC Radio Glos - Princess Royal

Getting ready...

Here is Dom the producer having a chat with Chris Baxter before the interview starts. Probably trying to find some really tricky question to trip up Oli (not hard).

Chris Baxter from BBC Radio Glos

They think it's all over...

And here's a happy family snap of Chris and Oli once the interview was over. And relax...

Chris Baxter from BBC Radio Glos with Oli Christie of Neon Play

In the papers

By the time Oli got back to Neon Towers, there was a lovely piece in the Gloucestershire Echo with a pic of the whole Neon Play gurning delightfully. Hoorah!

Queen's Award article on Neon Play

Rent a quote

Oli Christie, CEO of Neon Play commented, "It was fantastic to be invited to the BBC studios to do an interview live to our county to announce the great news about Neon Play's Queen's Award win." 

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